Here are some (not all 'thought) music trackers for ZX SPECTRUM.

Some of them are for making chiptunes, some of them for making 3-channels digital songs, some of them - for regular (4-chnls) MODs.

One of them (Turbo Sound Editor) is designed for making 6-chnls chiptunes on Spectrum with Turbo-Sound AY add-on.



Advanced Sound Master





Cacofony Pro





Chip Tracker





Digital Music Maker





Digital Studio





Extreme's Tracker





Fast Tracker




Riff Tracker





Global Tracker





Minimal Tracker












Pro Tracker 1





Pro Tracker 3





Pro Tracker 4





Prodigi Editor





Professional Sound Creator





Sample Tracker





Sound Tracker





Sound Tracker Pro






Global Digital Music Editor












Excellent Tracker





Turbo Sound Editor






Ultra Sonic 1.03F





Ultra Sonic 2.12







Audio Station






Flash Tracker









MOST OF THESE TRACKERS ARE AVAILABLE HERE: http://trd.speccy.cz/system.htm


EMULATORS OF ZX SPECTRUM ARE HERE: http://trd.speccy.cz/emulz.htm


CHECK OUT HOW ZX SPECTRUM MUSIC SOUNDS LIKE: http://ay-riders.speccy.cz/


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